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Session #3
The Marketer’s Self Image: 3 distorted concepts that are robbing your conversion results

In Session #3, Flint McGlaughlin helps you correct the distorted concepts that are keeping you from mastering your craft as a marketer.

In this session, Flint shares:

  • Three keys to help correct our distorted thinking.
  • Four types of value propositions.
  • Why people are falling out of your sales and marketing funnel.
  • How to get micro-yeses from your customers that ultimately lead to the macro yes.
  • Why the marketer cannot drive traffic.

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The Marketer as Philosopher – Reflection #4

People are not falling into the sales funnel; they are falling out. Gravity is not working for the marketer; it is working against them. The traditional analogy is flawed. Thomas Kuhn said “…the scientist who embraces a new paradigm is like the man wearing inverting lenses.” Marketers need a new, more accurate paradigm. They need to see with Kuhn’s “inverting lenses.” More to the point, we need to see the funnel in a new way – the funnel must be inverted. With this new perspective…
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