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Above The Fold Psychology Course

Session #14
Above-the-Fold Psychology: How to optimize the top 4 inches of your webpage

After teaching how to improve the headline in previous FastClasses, in Session #14 Flint McGlaughlin teaches you how to get the next three elements right.

Here are some of the most important insights from this class:

  • A relationship is built with a commitment continuum.
  • Structure an engagement continuum that attracts people with varying degrees of motivation.
  • Remember the prospect is a person. Do not talk AT them; talk TO them.
  • Engage them in conversation and then guide them towards an inevitable conclusion.
  • Long paragraphs have the same negative impact as a person who talks too much.

You can watch the full video above, or jump ahead to these key takeaways:

  • 0:00 Above-the-Fold Psychology: How to optimize the top 4 inches of your webpage.
  • 0:23 How would you improve the top of this webpage?
  • 1:38 Leverage the power of the sub-headline (an element that will help you engage your prospect).
  • 3:10 Leverage the power of the opening paragraph (an element that will help you engage your prospect).
  • 4:45 Go to the About page for nonprofit Ten by Three, write a headline and sub-headline for this page, and submit your best ideas in the YouTube comments for this session. Flint will try to read and respond to every comment over the next seven days and share the best ones with Theresa, the founder of the nonprofit.
  • 5:35 – Leverage the power of three to five essential bullet points (an element that will help you engage your prospect).

To get immediate help with your marketing challenges, just contact Flint and his team:

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