Session #1
What is the most important question to ask before creating a high-converting landing page?

In Session #1, we ask, “How can we escape the drudgery of the daily grind, and literally transform our career? How can we bring meaning and purpose to what we do?”

Flint McGlaughlin, Founder, MECLABS Institute, helps you answer these questions in the first class of the Become a Master at Creating and Optimizing High-Converting Web Pages course. The course is fully underwritten by MECLABS, with no monetary cost to participants.

In this session, Flint shares:

  • Three insights that might transform the way we approach our work tomorrow
  • How a 272% increase in conversion produced significant impacts in revenue, cost per acquisition, and monthly profit for one organization
  • Four essential growth elements
  • Why you should beware of focusing on your lower-converting web pages
  • How your highest-converting webpage could be costing you the most money

To get immediate help with your marketing challenges, just contact Flint and his team:

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In-depth Podcast

In the debut episode, we start by discussing a key word – “becoming” – a central concept behind all the really big issues that face your marketing career and your drive to get results for your brand and/or your clients.

Join Flint McGlaughlin, Founder, MECLABS Institute, and Daniel Burstein, Senior Director of Content and Marketing, MarketingSherpa, for this lively, deep exploration into what it means to be a marketer.

We discussed:

  • The four essential elements of marketing – the sender, the message, the receiver, and the means
  • MarketingExperiments’ simple (but not easy) seven-word mission statement: “To discover what really works in optimization” 
  • Humility in marketing. As McGlaughlin suggested, you don’t have to get humble, you have to get honest. Because if you truly get honest, the humility will follow 
  • How to use marketing communication tactics to build a better relationship with your children, especially when you feel that you have wisdom that you can’t even give away to them. Capture their hearts and their minds will follow, McGlaughlin suggested. 
  • Why the marketer must experience a conversion before they can maximize the conversion of customers

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