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What Is Value Proposition?

Session #18
Value Proposition Definition: Optimize your conversion rate with this powerful question

In Session #18, Flint McGlaughlin teaches a single question you can use to amplify the power of your company’s offer.

Here are some of the most important insights from this class:

  • The crucial element is not the length of our copy. The crucial element is the articulation of sufficient value.
  • A value proposition focuses on a specific customer segment.
  • A value proposition is an ultimate reason – the reason why; it is the culmination of a careful argument supported by evidentials.
  • A value proposition must differentiate you from your competitors. In at least one way, you must have an “only” factor.
  • You are fundamentally answering a first-person question posed in the mind of your customers.

You can watch the full video above, or jump ahead to these key takeaways:

  • 0:00 Value Proposition Definition: Optimize your conversion rate with this powerful question
  • 0:10 Quiz yourself, which landing page will perform better?
  • 1:58 Let us help. Write down your company’s value proposition, then put it in the YouTube comments. Flint will help as many people who reply in the next seven days as he can.
  • 3:50 A quick look at the MECLABS Institute Net Value Force Heuristic
  • 4:30 A three-point dialog to help foster an empathetic customer with your marketing copy
  • 5:55 An ultimate question (challenge) marketers and entrepreneurs must grapple with
  • 6:20 Flint diagrams this ultimate question

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MECLABS Institute Net Value Force Heuristic
MECLABS Institute Net Value Force Heuristic
Wherein (cognitive conclusions):
Nf = Net Force – It is (really) worth this much
Vf = Value Force – Its value is this
Cf = Cost Force – Its cost is this
Ac = Acceptance – I accept it
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