BUNDLE: The Marketer as Philosopher: 40 Brief Reflections on the Power of Your Value Proposition
by Flint McGlaughlin

A pre-release, numbered copy of the book, signed by the author, PLUS 40 Slides of Key Quotes and Supporting Case Studies & FREE access to the Marketer As Philosopher Lecture

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"Asking 'how' leads to information; asking 'why' leads to wisdom."  This is the essence of Dr. Flint McGlaughlin's book, The Marketer as Philosopher.

After twenty-five years of asking "why" to a single question and testing his hypotheses using the web as a living laboratory, McGlaughlin has released a collection of his findings. These 40 brief reflections unfold in a series of layers that suggest a new framework and theory of messaging.

Oftentimes, business leaders spend so much time asking the "how to" questions, that they often forget to ask the "why so" questions. The purpose of The Marketer as Philosopher is to foster reflection. It aims to cause thinkers to transcend the urgency of the answer and focus on the importance of the method.

The Book is Comprised of:

  • 40 reflections divided into 3 primary sections
    • Each section's title forms one of the 3 propositions that ground the entire theory
  • 12 reflections in each section
    • 8 reflections expound upon the core proposition
    • 4 reflections touch on the critical dangers the marketer must consider
  • A sketch series in each section that connects and grows with the principle idea
    • Each section climaxes with a master sketch to ensure visual coherence

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About the Author

Dr. Flint McGlaughlin

Dr. Flint McGlaughlin is an American academic and business leader. He is currently the Director of Enterprise Research for Transforming Business at the University of Cambridge (UK) and the Founder of the MECLABS Institute. His work has been quoted all over the world and has won numerous awards including an Emmy Award and the Mountainland Award for Short Fiction.

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This is a work of genius that McGlaughlin's profound and incisive understanding of marketing has the potential to impact academic disciplines and spheres of life far beyond the world of marketing"

-Dr. Crispin Fletcher-Louis

Founder of Westminster Theological Centre

Countless books have been written on marketing and marketing science, but not a single one of them as deeply compelling as "The Marketer as Philosopher". It strips away layers of all of the usual and unusual tips, tricks, technologies, tactics, and techniques -- and in an elegant and deeply thought provoking fashion presents the reader with something far more fundamental.

I believe it would have had a profound impact on my performance as a leader had I learned these principles earlier in my career. A must-read for entrepreneurs, CEOs, marketers, sales executives and ultimately anyone wanting more of that "Yes" from your customers."

-Peter Von Moltke

Former CEO, UBM Aviation

I returned today from a trip, opened my Fedex package and read your book from cover to cover in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. It is a masterful work, and quite takes my breath away. It is quite evidently the fruit of 20 years of research, as you say. The content is profoundly rich, the conceptual framework brilliantly conceived, the conciseness of the writing intensely self-disciplined, and the graphical and tactile presentation authentically beautiful..."

-Colin Stewart

Director, Hoover Institute

Customer Reviews

A book to read, and re-read 100 times...
By Paul Stanley, July 7, 2015

The Marketer as Philosopher teaches us how to think from first principles, analyze our efforts to influence, and understand our own decision making. Every nuance of Dr. McGlaughlin's book enhances the reading experience. The materials, hand sketches, and carefully crafted, three paragraph reflections, pack years of wisdom and research into digestible bites. Each page contains layers of depth and application which build with each re-read. Everyone should read this book at least once in their life. It has transformed the way I think!

About the Author

Dr. Flint McGlaughlin is an American academic and business leader. He is currently the Director of Enterprise Research for Transforming Business at the University of Cambridge (UK) and the Founder of the MECLABS Institute. His work has been quoted all over the world and has won numerous awards including an Emmy award and the Mountainland Award for Short Fiction.

The MECLABS Institute was the first research lab to conduct specialized experiments in optimizing sales and marketing messages. After being in business for the past 20 years, it has now become the largest and oldest research institute in its field. Using the learnings obtained from running over 20,000 tests, Dr. McGlaughlin has developed ten patented heuristics that can be used to apply the MECLABS Philosophy, which it uses to service clients. These clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Apple Inc., Verizon and Microsoft.

At the essence of all of Dr. McGlaughlin's work is the question that drives his research: "Why do people say 'yes' to one option over another?"












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The Marketer as Philosopher by Flint McGlaughlin


Table Of Content

Introduction   1


Reflection 1 The Marketer as Philosopher   8
Reflection 2 The Marketer as Entrepreneur   9

Part I: The Essence of Marketing is the Message


Reflection 3 On the Message and the Simplicity of the Four Elements   13
Reflection 4 On the Message and the Inversion of the Micro-Yes Funnel   15
Reflection 5 On the Message and the Inversion of the Micro-Yes Funnel   17
Reflection 6 On the Message and the Discipline of the Four Actions   19


Reflection 7 On Hearing and Listening   21
Reflection 8 On Empathy and Attraction   23
Reflection 9 On Clarity and Conversation   25
Reflection 10 On Timing and Nurturing   27


Reflection 11 On the Two Voices and the Danger of the Offensive Tone   30
Reflection 12 On Offer Physics and the Danger of the Flawed Ask   31
Reflection 13 On Linear Meaning and the Danger of Foreground Noise   32
Reflection 14 On Perceived Problems and the Danger of Unwanted Truths   33

Part II: The Essence of the Message is the Value Proposition


Reflection 15 On the Value Proposition and the Priority of the "Because" Factor   37
Reflection 16 On the Value Proposition and the Elegance of the Functional Definition   39
Reflection 17 On the Value Proposition and the Force-Dyads of the Four Dynamics   41
Reflection 18 On the Value Proposition and the Immanence of the Three Derivatives   43


Reflection 19 On Derivatives and the Primary   45
Reflection 20 On Specificity and the Prospect   47
Reflection 21 On Reason and the Product   49
Reflection 22 On Transition and the Process   51


Reflection 23 On Brand Awareness and the Danger of Remonstration   54
Reflection 24 On Two Logics and the Danger of Incoherence   55
Reflection 25 On Thought Sequence and the Danger of Disorientation   56
Reflection 26 On Ultimate Reasons and the Danger of the "Slogan"   57

Part III: The Essence of the Value Proposition is the Exchange Sum


Reflection 27 On the Exchange Sum and the Intuitive Calculus of Self Interest   61
Reflection 28 On the Exchange Sum and the Ultimate Impact of Perception   63
Reflection 29 On the Exchange Sum and the Conceptual Clarity of the Fulcrum   65
Reflection 30 On the Exchange Sum and the Explanatory Power of the Heuristic   67


Reflection 31 On Analogy and Heuristic   61
Reflection 32 On Appeal and Exclusivity   63
Reflection 33 On Material and Mental   65
Reflection 34 On Clarity and Credibility   67


Reflection 35 On Whitlam’s Nag and the Danger of Beautiful Copy   78
Reflection 36 On Mental Dialogue and the Danger of Hidden Friction   79
Reflection 37 On Emotional Risk and the Danger of Rational Response   80
Reflection 38 On Customer Theory and the Danger of "Design-by-Committee"   81


Reflection 39 On the Marketer as Artist   84
Reflection 40 On the Marketer as Leader   85
Endnotes   87