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Become a Marketer-Philosopher: Create
and optimize high-converting webpages
(with this free digital marketing course)

Get tools, training and coaching based on 10,000+ marketing test variations

Course Number:#21301
Course Name:Become a Marketer-Philosopher:
Create and optimize high-converting webpages
Chief Instructor:Flint McGlaughlin
Student Type:Entrepreneurs and marketers
Type:On demand
Length:25+ sessions | ~10 minutes each

The Elements of the Course

Landing Page Blueprint

This course represents the culmination of a 20-year research project. The goal is to combine deep discoveries in psychology with state-of-the art learning. We have combined the following essential elements:

  1. FASTCLASS videos
    40 minutes of content in less than 10 minutes
  2. THINKING tools
    Shortcuts to help you drive immediate results
  3. RETENTION exercises
    Quizzes to help you improve retention of key principles

This course is structured around each element of the MECLABS Landing Page Blueprint.

The tools, the videos, and the podcasts are free. MECLABS has contributed, at no cost, all of the content from its paid certification courses and its graduate program.

No cost. No registration. No commitment. All of the material is right here on these pages, freely available to help you take your team to the next level.

The Essence of the Course

People are not falling into the sales funnel; they are falling out. Gravity is not working for the marketer; it is working against them. The traditional analogy is flawed. Thomas Kuhn said,” … the scientist who embraces a new paradigm is like the man wearing inverting lenses.”

Marketers need a new, more accurate paradigm. They need to see with Kuhn’s “inverting lenses.” More to the point, we need to see the funnel in a new way – the funnel must be inverted. With this new perspective, we can better fathom the nature of our work.

The marketer must defy the law of gravity. We must overcome the organic resistance in the marketplace. More people are falling out than are flowing in (and thus up). And those moving up (toward the narrow end) do so in steps, in micro-decisions. Moreover, they do not move up the center; they move up the sides, with each side representing a sale path.

The funnel is the message; it is constructed from micro-offers. Progress is dependent on a micro-yes at each of these many junctures. It takes a long unbroken sequence of micro-yes(s) to achieve a macro-yes (the sale), but it takes just a single “no” to undo every single “yes.”

Session #1: How to transform your career/life as a marketer or entrepreneur with meaning and purpose

To really understand the essence of this course, just start watching the first session of the course now.

How can we escape the drudgery of the daily grind, and literally transform our career? How can we bring meaning and purpose to what we do?

Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute helps you answer these questions in the first class of the free Become A Master at Creating and Optimizing High-Converting Web Pages course.

In this session, Flint shares:

  • Three insights that might transform the way we approach our work tomorrow
  • How a 272% increase in conversion led to significant impacts in revenue, cost per acquisition, and monthly profit for one organization
  • Four essential growth elements

The Evidentials of the Course

There is a lot of exaggeration on the Internet. Numbers can seem meaningless. However, these seven factual statements are meant only to demonstrate the hard work it took to produce this course:

  1. Invested two decades and $130+ million trying to understand the fundamental unit of conversion: a “yes”
  2. Built the first and now oldest conversion marketing research program
  3. Patented the world’s most widely used and well-known conversion heuristic: C=4m+3v+2(i-f)-2a
  4. Pioneered the conversion industry, established its concepts and principles, and launched the first certified courses in the field
  5. Defined the primary standards for scientific testing in conversion marketing, teaching at Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and many others
  6. Tested over 10,000+ marketing hypotheses (treatments)
  7. Conducted field research with hundreds of small startups and major brands including Verizon, Amazon, and The New York Times 


Looking for a Free Digital Marketing Course? Check Out the Top Six!

One of the smart ways to learn digital marketing is to enroll in a free online digital marketing course. A good course may equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a successful digital marketer. Whether you want to step up your digital strategy endgame or increase your earning potential, enrolling in a free digital marketing course as a digital marketer can help you advance in your career.

In this post, we look at what online digital marketing courses cover in their curriculum and then show you the five best online courses to learn digital marketing basics.

What Does the Best Digital Marketing Course Teach?

Free courses usually cover a range of subjects in the field of digital marketing. You may learn free digital marketing basics, including an introduction to online marketing concepts, intermediate lessons, and advanced digital strategies. Some courses focus on a single area like google ads while others delve into various online marketing channels and online advertising strategies and tools.

The best courses introduce online marketing strategies, show you digital channels that work, how to navigate the digital world, and pinpoint tools to execute your digital marketing strategy. Here’s what you can expect to learn from online digital marketing courses.

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels influence customer decisions, build loyalty, and attract new customers. To develop an effective social media strategy, it’s crucial to enroll to obtain a certification in social media marketing. A digital marketing course that focuses on social medial can help you shape conversations around your business and products.

You’ll learn how to plan a social media campaign, set up social listening, create compelling content, and extend your reach using paid ads. By the end of the course, you should be able to create an inbound social media strategy that delights your audience and grows your bottom line.

Content Marketing

If you’re hoping to increase brand awareness or get more conversions through creating and distributing high-value content, a content marketing course could be a stepping stone to online marketing success. You’ll learn how to develop a content creation framework for producing effective content on a consistent basis, the best way to generate content ideas, and how to formulate a long-term content strategy.

You also learn how to build a guest blogging strategy, effectively promote content, and measure and analyze your content marketing campaigns. By the end of the course, you should be able to create and repurpose content that both humans and search engines will love and become a strategic content marketer. This is a good course for inbound marketing professionals and any content marketing managers who want to level up their content marketing skills.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines act as a filter for tons of information available on the world wide web. As a digital marketer, it’s important to know how major search engines like Google and Bing work. A search engine optimization course can turn you into a full-stack SEO professional, driving quality and sustained traffic to your company’s website. You learn how search engines work, types of SEO, keyword research and analysis, on-page and off-page optimization, SEO planning, and website audit.

In this course, you also learn how to combine content marketing, data, and technical site optimization to unlock your online marketing potential. You’ll master link-building and technical. SEO training is beneficial for anyone who wants to become proficient in SEO best practices and strategies.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a performance-based advertising model where advertisers pay whenever a person clicks on their online ads. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visitors rather than attempting to attract organic traffic. Ads usually appear on top of search results in Google, Bing, or Yahoo and target users who’re searching the targeted keywords. When you enroll for a PPC course, you learn how to how to create ad groups, concepts such as cost per click and click-through rate, and how to execute a PPC ad campaign on your Google Ad account.

Email Marketing

A free course in email marketing teaches you the A-to-Z of email marketing from email copywriting to best practices, segmentation, and A/B testing to email deliverability. You’ll learn how to build email lists and run results-driven email campaigns that get you subscribers. An email marketing certification also helps you learn tools and strategies to use to achieve your marketing goals.

After completing your course, you’ll have a solid understanding of email marketing strategies and be able to create and send high-performing emails to your target audience using Constant Contact, AWeber, or other top email platforms.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is all about using paid ads to promote the visibility of websites in search engines. Digital marketers often use display ads to create initial interest in a product or service. Starting with an explanation of what SEM is and how it works, a typical course introduces you to search engine marketing and the importance of search engines.

You’ll master two top online advertising platforms, Google and Bing, and learn how to use them to drive steady traffic to your website. After completing a lesson in display advertising, you should be able to plan, execute, and monitor a display advertising campaign that uses graphics, videos, and text.

Best Free Online Courses for Digital Marketers

When we talk about online digital marketing courses, top names like HubSpot Academy and WordStream’s PPC easily come to mind. But there are other top platforms that offer free certificate programs and training to students. We have reviewed 100’s of free online courses and narrowed them down to the best in the industry. Here’s our round-up of free digital marketing courses.

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google

Google’s free online digital marketing course tops the list of the best free digital marketing courses for a good reason. It covers the fundamentals of internet marketing for beginners and levels up the skills of intermediate learners. The 40-hours free online course features 26 models, which you can complete at your own pace. Each module consists of several lessons including videos, text, and quizzes that test your knowledge and understanding of digital marketing.

You have the freedom to choose which lessons to include in your personal learning plan. We recommend that you start from the fundamentals and progress until you receive the certification. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is ideal for anyone who wants to add to their skills or get employers to notice their profile. Upon completion, you’ll receive a free, industry-recognized certificate to share on your CV or LinkedIn profile.

2. Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course – HubSpot

Next up is the HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course. It’s a free, four-hour industry-recognized program that covers the fundamentals of inbound marketing, content strategy, blogging, social media promotion, conversation optimization, and lead nurturing. This course is suitable for digital marketers who want to improve their inbound marketing knowledge and skills.

Students learn how to align sales and marketing and how to apply a customer marketing approach to business. The Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course is made up of 34 videos, 10 lessons, and 9 quizzes. Upon completing their free online classes, you’ll receive an official digital marketing certificate from HubSpot to display on your resume, portfolio, or LinkedIn profile.

3. Alison Free Diploma in E-Business

As a recognized leader in online learning, Alison also offers a free diploma in its e-business course that builds up the digital marketing skills of students and aspiring digital marketers. This beginner course is delivered through a user-friendly platform in the form of video tutorials. In this course, students learn Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics and AdWords, analysis, revenue metrics, campaign tracking, and more. You essentially learn marketing techniques that work in the digital world.

Over 80,000 students have enrolled in this free digital marketing course so far. It takes between six to ten hours to complete this course. To pass the final assessment, you’ll need to score an 80 percent or higher grade. You’ll receive a printable Learner Achievement Verification Report.

4. Digital Marketing and Media Strategies – Coursera

If you’re looking for a free digital marketing course with accreditation, this Digital Media and Marketing Strategies course should be on your bucket list. It’s taught by Mike Yao, an associate professor of digital media. This 15-hour course will teach you the basics of online and video marketing, the fundamentals of email and social media marketing, and show you how to optimize your digital assets.

Offered by the University of Illinois, the course is part five of a seven-part specialization in digital marketing. You can complete the course in audit mode just like other Coursera programs and receive a completion certificate (paid).

5. SEMRUSH Academy (Free with Certification)

SEMRUSH is a leading provider of cutting-edge digital marketing tools. To empower users and students, they have created an academy with a couple of free digital marketing courses in SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media marketing. Course material is a combination of text and video, taught by digital marketing professionals. Their courses cover basic and advanced digital marketing concepts, with some focusing on how to use the SEMRUSH tool. Registration is 100% free. After completing your course and exams, you’ll receive a certification.

6. WordStream PPC University

If you’re looking for a free digital marketing course with a competitive edge, WordStream’s PPC University can be a great option for you. It’s brought to you by the PPC guys at WordStream. The course is completely free and beneficial to anyone who wants to build up their PPC and digital marketing skills.

Starting with the basics, the framework of PPC courses teaches various concepts and strategies. You’ll learn the art of keyword selection, how to write effective PPC ads, and how to target an audience and keep up with competitors. Students receive expert guidance and have access to a ton of course materials. PPC University is great for anyone who wants to brush up on their PPC management skills.

Where to Find Free and Affordable Courses

There are numerous platforms that offer training courses to digital marketing professionals.

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • HubSpot
  • Google Digital Garage
  • WordStream

Tips to Choose the Best Free Digital Marketing Courses

Keep the following things in mind when looking for a free digital marketing course.

Understand your learning needs: Before you enroll in a digital marketing course, ask yourself what you want to achieve with the course. Is it to up-skill or advance in your career? Decide whether you want to take a single module or complete a comprehensive digital marketing course.

Course format: Think about the course delivery and format. Is there any live project, classroom presentations, or practical learning? Most platforms offer a combination of texts, audio, and videos. Find out whether the course includes an online assessment. Because digital marketing is an experience-based industry, it’s best to enroll in courses that offer hands-on learning.

Learning options: Think about how you want to learn the free online course. You can join a virtual classroom or study at your own pace. If you’re someone that needs an extra push, a tutor-led course might work best for you. You’ll get the opportunity to learn in a collaborative environment. An expert trainer will also answer your questions and provide you with hands-on training. If you have a tight schedule and a strong motivation to learn, you may find a self-paced course convenient for you.

The expertise of course trainers: When choosing popular courses, think about what type of instructor conducts the training. Are they industry experts or digital marketing amateurs? Look out for courses that have instructors with real-world experience in digital marketing as they can impart practical online marketing skills.

Career guidance: Specialization is an important facet of being a digital marketer. You can’t be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. We recommend that you find a course that offers personal career guidance along with interview training sessions. You want to make sure you work with mentors that can identify your strengths and guide you towards the right discipline as they assess your performance. With the right training and an industry-recognized certification, you can land the job of a digital marketing manager.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us at MECLABS Institute.