High Converting Landing Page

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Use This Proven Method To Successfully Create High Converting Landing Pages

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Learn The Secret Formula For Designing A Landing Page That Converts

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Learn The Other Elements Of High Converting Call To Action Buttons

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How To Write An Effective Call To Action

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Professional CRO Tips: Here Are Some High Converting Call To Action Ideas That Actually Work!

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2022 Landing Page Design Ideas – Tips For Designing High Converting Pages For Your Product

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How Do You Make A Landing Page That Converts?

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6 Amazing Landing Page Examples That Highly Convert In 2022

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What’s The Best Way To Design A High Converting Landing Page For A Service?

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What Makes A Good Converting Landing Page Effective?

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7 Landing Page Design Inspiration Ideas Proven To Convert

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Top 10 Ways To Design High Converting Landing Pages

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What Does Social Proof Mean In Regard To Conversion Rate Optimization?

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The Importance Of Your Value Proposition And Call To Action In Conversion Rate Optimization: A 2022 Guide To High Converting Landing Pages

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High Converting Landing Page Examples 2022 – This Website Is A Great Example Of A Good Call To Action That Matches Search Intent

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Turn Potential Customers Into Buyers With A Good Landing Page And Customer Centric Landing Page Copy

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The Most Important Element Of A High Converting Landing Page (Or Landing Pages) – The Call To Action Button

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Top Examples Of High Converting Landing Page Design: High-Converting Landing Page Examples

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Change Your Value Proposition To Turn A Landing Page Into A High Converting Landing Page

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Best Template For High Converting Landing Pages

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How To Design A High Converting Landing Page In 2022

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How To Turn Average Landing Pages Into Successful High Converting Landing Pages

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Session #1
What is the most important question to ask before creating a high-converting landing page?

In Session #1, we ask, “How can we escape the drudgery of the daily grind, and literally transform our career? How can we bring meaning and purpose to what we do?”

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  • Four essential growth elements.
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  • How your highest-converting webpage could be costing you the most money.

To get immediate help with your marketing challenges, just contact Flint and his team: F.McGlaughlin@MECLABS.com

Essential Course Resources

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Master the Timeless Philosophy of Marketing – with Flint McGlaughlin – Jon Kragh Show (via YouTube)

The Marketer as Philosopher – Reflection #1

Asking “how” leads to information; asking “why” leads to wisdom. Yet marketers are all too busy asking how: How do I improve conversion? How do I drive more visits? How do I meet my numbers? We are so busy…Learn more about the book

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High Converting Landing Page

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating a High Converting Landing Page in 2022

It’s Monday morning, you open your laptop to check your campaign report, and to your surprise – the conversion rates are off the charts. And that’s every digital marketer’s dream in a nutshell.

In reality, success is often thwarted by insufficient research, uninspiring content, and bad SEO practices. Don’t let landing pages be one of them. Follow our tips on creating a high converting landing page and grow your business online. Anyone can build a destination page, but to make one that converts well is a different ball game. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear idea about landing page elements and how to build and optimize a landing page in 2022. Let’s start!

What Is a Landing Page?

The landing page is the face of your marketing campaign. It’s a standalone page that consists of a value proposition, a short and actionable copy, incentivizing elements, and a lead form.

This is where a visitor “lands” after they click through a Google, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube advertisement.

When you follow the link embedded in business content, the opt-in page that asks for your email or shows the new deals is the landing page.

It’s the first thing visitors see upon entering a website.

Landing pages are meant to look different because they are campaign-specific and call for different actions. You can set up a landing page for the following –

  • Choose language preferences, verify age and region
  • Sign up for a free trial, email updates, and newsletters
  • Ask for name, email, job title, and contact information
  • Show customer reviews and social media highlights
  • Present a video copy or a slide show/image carousel
  • Display a countdown for new drop alerts and sale
  • Reveal a “thank you” page for putting in an order, signing up, or downloading a material

The registration, sign-up, subscription, and purchase often take place on the landing page. So, it’s important to have a well-defined value proposition to increase the chances. If you’re not familiar with these terms, don’t worry! We’ll clear these confusions along the way and help you craft an effective landing page.

The Purpose of Landing Pages

A successful landing page is one that converts visitors to leads and leads to long-term customers. It should prompt a visitor to sign up, subscribe, or at least drop their email for future business interactions.

The main purpose of creating landing pages is to encourage web visitors to take action. It can also prompt new users to provide their contact details in exchange for a reward.

Depending on the page type, the goal is to generate leads, introduce new offers, or prompt the visitors to fill out a subscription form.

As you can already tell, a website can have multiple pages to receive campaign traffic. Just make sure your value proposition has a single visual focus.

It makes a lot of sense to use different pages for each campaign because a landing page is not meant to serve more than one purpose.

A high-converting landing page won’t tell you to fill out an extensive form and share new product news at the same time. It has a compelling micro-copy and a straightforward CTA.

You can encourage users to follow your business on social media, grab a coupon code for discounts, and do effortless tasks visitors won’t mind doing.

How to a Create a Landing Page for Beginners

A well-designed landing page is the key to more conversions and higher business growth.

No matter where you are in your digital marketing career, there’s something in this step-by-step guide that you can use!

You’ll learn not only the secrets to a phenomenal landing page design but also conversion rate hacks that follow 2022 SEO trends.

1. Set Your Campaign Goal

Every high-performing page starts with a definite goal. For eCommerce marketers, driving sales is the main objective.

The campaign goal is different for SaaS marketers. Either you’ll want your site visitors to register for a free resource, trial, and demo, or prompt them to consult your sales team.

Agency marketers aim for greater conversion. So, they use these pages to increase the conversion rate. Now that you know what to accomplish with the page, it’s easier to design one.

2. Write Your Copy

You can win the visitors’ attention with a killer headline, but the value proposition is what turns them into leads. The value proposition gives visitors a reason to follow through on the CTA.

Avoid overused business jargon in your landing page copy. Focus on the benefits and keep it simple.

According to HubSpot, website owners who push their landing page numbers from 10 to 15 can see a 55% boost in leads.

So, it’s worth making multiple pages with attractive copies, titles, and images. You can target each for a different audience, keeping the long-term pages consistent for everyone.

3. Make a Specific CTA

Don’t ruin a perfect landing page with vague call-to-action phrases like “Learn more,” “Get started,” or “Start now.” This way, you make it difficult for the visitor to trust you.

Instead, you should use a specific call-to-action button such as “Start Your Free Trial,” “Share on Facebook,” “See pricing,” “Sign up for a 10% discount,” “Sign up for exclusive newsletters.”

Use bullet points and other elements carefully to maintain good landing page flow up to the third landing page or higher. Present them in such a way that one landing page contains a single CTA.

4. Select Images

Did you know that the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text? Often, you’ll notice that high-converting landing pages contain eye-catching visual elements.

The first step is to select a hero image. It’s the main image that shows users what the offer is about. Visualize the benefits for your visitors and try to include photographs of customers enjoying the product where it applies.

Or, make your entire landing page stand out with an innovative sales pitch video.

The best landing pages contain a 30 second to 2-minute long video to grab the user’s attention immediately.

Much like the page itself, the key elements here should be a headline, subheads, bold imagery, something about pain and pleasure, contact information, a guarantee, and a compelling call to action.

5. Design Your Landing Page

Page builders allow you to drag text, key elements, and icons directly from their collection and drop them to your page.

You can start with a custom template and position the elements to have a unique landing page design.

It’s a good practice to check whether your page is mobile-friendly, fast, and crawlable.

Google Search Console gives plenty of information regarding the mobile-friendliness of a landing page.

6. Set URL and Add Tracking

Your page address, or URL, should include the most important keyword. Connect the page to your domain and optimize the URL. The entire process should take about a few minutes!

Effective landing pages also have a meta – a brief description of your page and the website content as a whole.

Add tracking to easily monitor the click-through rate (CTR) and other metrics on your Google Analytics dashboard.

7. Integrate Your Marketing Tools

Using CRM tools can help you streamline campaign activities, access potential customers’ data, analyze sales opportunities, and manage the campaign altogether. Set up the campaign so that it drives leads to your CRM from multiple business integrations.

8. Preview and Publish

You are two steps away from creating your first landing page. Before you publish, run a thorough check for unsuccessful crawls, grammar issues, and typos.

It’s essential to root these factors out before potential customers come to your page and hit Leave.

Have you written a keyword-focused copy? Great! Now, carry it to your meta title, image alt-text, URL, and anchor links.

Enter your site as a visitor to review the form placement and call to action icon from a computer and a mobile device.

9. Drive Traffic

Successful landing pages drive an unbelievable amount of traffic by using Google Ads. This Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is designed to move paid traffic to your page and increase

visibility online.

Especially with organic traffic, make sure that your page loads fasters, matches the users’ intent, and shows up at the top page, for starters.

People should be willing to visit your page because the elements are persuasive enough, and doing so will lead to exclusive newsletters, deals, or discounts.

Your page might not convert well because it receives low traffic to begin with. Scroll down to our landing page best practices to move your website up the ranks.

10. Test and Optimize

To maintain a high-converting landing page, optimize reasonably and edit often. Tracking results will help you learn more about the audience and launch much better campaigns in the future.

If your click-through rate is dropping fast, change your meta description. Similarly, if your page’s bounce rate is high, you can spruce up the headlines, body text, and image with SEO.

SEO Best Practices for High-Converting Landing Pages

An SEO-friendly landing page can improve your Quality Score and rank your page higher on Google search results.

In the initial period, try optimizing the pages you intend to keep in the long term.

Making tweaks here and there can drive the target audience to your landing page. So, make sure to keep reading!

1. Conduct a Keyword Analysis

The first step of optimizing your page with SEO is to conduct a keyword analysis. You need to research keywords to understand the search intent of your potential customers. Then you can create a conversion-driven landing page copy.

Make a list of keywords according to the phrases people use to search for them. Also, to see what you’re up against, check the keywords used by your competitors.

During keyword analysis, ask how much potential your page draft has for organic traffic. Does your landing page measure up with the current competition?

For landing pages, focus on a group of semantically related keywords.

A high-converting landing page is one that matches the search intent. Next, it’s essential to prioritize keywords on the basis of search volume and competition.

When it comes to highly competitive niches, you should consider long-tail keywords – even for a good landing page.

Instead of focusing on keywords that get a lot of searches, you can work with highly-targeted keywords that pertain to a specific topic, get a lower search volume, are less competitive, and achieve a great conversion rate nonetheless.

2. Landing Page Optimization (LPO)

After picking the keywords, it’s time to implement them throughout the page. You don’t have to write an incoherent, keyword-heavy copy. Driving landing page conversions with LPO tricks is surprisingly straightforward!

First, include the keywords in the following –

  • H1, H2, and H3 headings
  • Anchor links
  • Body text and image alt text
  • The page title and meta description
  • Landing page URL
  • Social proof

Optimize Headings

The first headline (H1) must contain the main keyword and should be relevant to the text below. You are encouraged to use subheads. But since it’s a landing page, wrap everything up in a few lines.

Optimize Body Text

Avoid stuffing keywords in your landing page marketing copy. In the worst-case scenario, Google will remove your web page from Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Place the keywords reasonably throughout the text and use synonyms of the main keywords when necessary.

Optimize Images

Search engines cannot read images, which is why we need to add an optimized text description to showcase what the landing page image is about.

An easy way to do this is to use the same landing page title for the image. If there are multiple, you can name them in numerical order.

Consider naming your images with other keywords from your list. Don’t forget to name the images files. The file name can be the same as the alt-text.

Optimize Anchor Links

If you have a website that extends multiple services, a single landing page may be insufficient. In that case, you have to focus on optimizing anchor links.

Anchor links allow users to jump straight to a specific location inside a website directly from the search results.

Google can index on-page anchors with a relevant tag and href attribute. They are placed below the meta description.

Optimize Metadata

The SEO metadata concerns the text that is displayed on Search Engine Result Pages. It consists of the page title, URL, and meta description. These elements directly affect whether a user clicks on your link or moves on to a different website.

Place the focus keyword in the meta title in no more than 60 characters.

The meta description should provide an incentive to follow the link. Clearly present the value proposition in a few words and encourage people to click on your page.

Content Freshness

To build a high-converting landing page, it’s a good practice to update website content regularly.

So, how often should you update your landing page content for Google ranking? It depends on your SEO skills and competition.

Enter the keyword and analyze the timestamps on pages ranking high to low.

Social Proof

Highlight customer reviews that are semantically related to your keywords to boost landing page SEO.

Social proof is the testimonials that can develop your landing page authority and create a sense of trust in the visitors.

3. Backlinks for Moving up the Ranks

Link building is among the most important hacks to optimize a landing page for the long haul.

These are the links that lead to your landing page from third-party websites.

Earning backlinks from authoritative sites can increase your landing page search visibility and ranking.

Here are a few ways to get backlinks for your new landing page:

  • Reach out to bloggers and friends to link out to your website
  • Implement a brand mentions campaign to win links from different sources
  • Offer to create a guest post in a high-ranking site
  • Contact the owner of a similar website to identify their broken links, and then replace them with yours
  • Share your content in relevant forums and discussions
  • Notice where your main competitors are mentioned with a competitor backlink analysis
  • Add social media links to make your page easily shareable
  • Target industry publications and educational websites

4. Enhancing Page Speed

A higher loading time can negatively affect your rating and increase the bounce rates. Look out for these issues if your webpage loading time is greater than 3 seconds: Bad, outdated coding practices Issues with the hosting service Poorly optimized images Complex redirects Multiple pop-up forms The number of plugins for WordPress users

Every page has different reasons to have a poor loading speed. Before yours is swamped with quitters, test it with Google Pagespeed Insights or tools such as GTmetrix and WebPage Test. You can keep tabs on your web page loading speed on Google Analytics the same way.

5. Improving Mobile-Friendliness

Make sure the page is operational on different phones and tablets. A visitor needs to navigate the page, click on links, read text, and interact with the elements from mobile devices.

If the landing page is responsive on the web, use the free official Google Tool to check its mobile friendliness. You have to enter the landing page URL in the search bar and select Test URL. Google will mention whether your page crawled successfully. You can monitor this important metric for your entire website.

Make an XML sitemap of your site and submit it to Google to increase crawl speed. Now, the search engine should be able to index your site. If it fails to improve this particular metric, focus on link building.

6. Google Ads Report Analysis

Once you’ve optimized the above fields, it’s time to check the performance of your landing page. If you don’t measure these metrics, you’ll never know if the landing page is truly optimized.

The two most important factors to track are your click-through rate and organic traffic. You should be able to track them using Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other popular free tools.

How to track conversion rate and organic traffic on Google Analytics for your landing page:

  • Find the Acquisition option
  • Click All Traffic from the sidebar
  • Select Channels from the drop-down
  • Choose Organic
  • Specify the date range
  • Choose the landing pages you want to analyze

You can analyze the click-through rate and keyword position on Google Search Console.

Go to Performance from the left sidebar and narrow your results by date, page, queries, and other filters.

Here you get to check the total number of clicks, responses, average position, and CTR of your landing page.

Make sure to compare month-on-month growth and see whether the page optimization tricks are holding up.

Why Is My Landing Page Not Converting?

It’s unusual for high-converting landing pages to stop converting unless there’s an issue with your domain, PPC campaign, ranking, or SEO. It pays off to follow a great landing page example to convert visitors day in, day out.

Why should a landing page visitor type out their email for a subscription or respond to your CTA? What’s in it for them?

These are the questions you need to answer briefly on your page. If your landing page design is struggling to convert, check for the following elements, and you’ll know why.

  • Your landing page has too many embedded links and pop-up forms
  • The page contains multiple CTAs and a navigation bar
  • A lengthy, boring marketing copy
  • It doesn’t specify how the visitor can benefit from your business
  • You don’t have customer reviews or video testimonials
  • Unclear CTAs that don’t create a sense of urgency

Outdated SEO practices could be another reason why your landing page is not converting well.

First, optimize the headings, body text, image alt text, anchor link, metadata, and URL to cover the basics. You should implement the keywords naturally so that your site ranks on the first page of Google.

Always be on track with the latest landing page optimization (LPO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) to increase the likelihood of a visit.

Why Create a Landing Page When You Have a Website?

Do you want to see supercharged conversion rates from your new campaign? Then you need to have a call-to-action page on top of a website.

Without landing pages, any website is like a retail store without a salesman.

These pages are created to offer incentives to buy, display ongoing offers or fill out a simple form to keep in touch.

In short, they encourage users to take action, which can range from dropping their emails to making a purchase.

Websites alone cannot provide a compelling call to action because they are made of elaborate copies and a good number of pages.

They are a place for exploration, so there’s no point in being short and sweet.

When a website’s content is in question, you want to tell a story, break down the features, answer questions, show similar products, and highlight the good reviews- all on the same page, one after the other. Different goals, therefore, drive landing pages and web pages.

What Landing Page to Use for a Digital Marketing Campaign

So, you want to build a high-converting landing page. But you don’t know what kind of page or template is up for the job.

If your goal is to grow your email list fast, you should only aim for the names and emails.

There’s no need to ask for exhaustive details, right?

You can take it up a notch with a sales landing page and hook the visitors with a deal. It’s the one with a “Subscribe now,” “I want this deal,” or “Take this offer” CTA.

Here are more examples of a high-converting landing page.

1. Squeeze Page

A squeeze page focuses on collecting email addresses from website visitors. It’s designed in a way that provides visitors with an incentive to enter their name and email.

You can check back with these potential customers for future campaigns and promote your business.

To make an effective squeeze page, you need to give the users something in return for their contact information. Often it’s going to be a monthly newsletter, report, eBook, or whitepaper.

Giving out a free trial is the best-possible incentive. But it is not affordable for every business. In that case, you can put together a good landing page with a tempting call to action button.

2. Lead Capture Page

A lead capture page and a squeeze page have similar features. Instead of asking only for your email, a lead capture page may request additional information:

  • Your name
  • Industry
  • Job title
  • Phone number
  • Promote your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media profiles
  • Inform visitors about an upcoming product
  • Show a website maintenance notice
  • Display an advertisement that you can earn revenue from
  • A webinar
  • Seminar
  • Conference
  • On-demand event
  • Flash sale
  • B1G1 deals
  • Workshop
  • Online competition
  • Offer discounts for ordering an upgrade
  • Highlight the features of a newer model
  • Tease new products with a countdown
  • Promote partner products and services
  • Enter a giveaway. You can ask them to share a small review on their social media profile
  • Browse the “customers also bought,” “often paired with” sections like on a retail store website
  • Refer friends and family to your business and win discounts on your next purchase
  • Win a chance to be featured on their social media profiles
  • Leave a product review, create an account, or track the delivery online