MECLABS Institute 2017 Year in Review: Our most popular content about optimizing webpages, transparent marketing, and customer-first marketing

By Daniel Burstein

Article Highlights

  • Guide for optimizing your webpages
  • People don’t buy from companies, people buy from people
  • True optimization is more than a marketing initiative, it is part of the organization
  • The marketers’ blind spot is self interest

The change of the calendar year is a natural time to reflect, so we’re taking a look back at the most popular lessons MECLABS Institute has shared this year. Hopefully, you can use these takeaways to help inspire your 2018 business and marketing success.

The MECLABS Guide for Optimizing Your Webpages and Better Serving Your Customers

This download was the most popular piece of content form MECLABS Institute in 2017. And for good reason. Focused on helping you improve results and better serve customers, three of MECLABS Institute’s 10 patented heuristics are examined in this step-by-step guide to assessing and improving your ads, emails and website funnels.

Guide for Optimizing Your Web Pages

Download your free 22-page guide to get a repeatable methodology for driving significant conversion rate increases.

Transparent Marketing: Marketing is not about programs; it is about relationships

This excerpt from our graduate program with the University of Florida is a rallying cry of sorts and will help you create a customer-first paradigm shift in your organization.


“People don’t buy from companies, from stores or from websites; people buy from people. Marketing is not about programs; it is about relationships,” said Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute.

Watch the four-minute video for an inspirational look at how you can improve results by better serving customers with your marketing.

Customer-First Marketing: How The Global Leadership Summit grew attendance by 16% to 400,000

In 2017, MECLABS Institute’s partnership with the University of Florida produced its initial graduating class. John Jordan was among the first to receive a Graduate Certificate in Communicating Value and Web Conversion.

Jordan, the Executive Director of Digital Marketing for The Global Leadership Summit (GLS), shared how GLS grew revenue attributed to email testing by 82% in this webinar.

“Originally, I thought this was going to be a marketing initiative. Doing some of this optimization, it has become kind of a part of the organization,” Jordan said.

John Jordan

Read, watch, listen, or view the slides from this webinar replay to hear Jordan explain the benefit of applying value to all customer touchpoints.

And lastly, a perennial favorite …

The Marketer’s Blind Spot: 3 ways to overcome the marketer’s greatest obstacle to effective messaging

Even though this video was from 2016, people kept on watching it this year as well. In a video replay of Flint McGlaughlin’s full, featured speaker session from MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 (hosted by MECLABS Institute’s publishing subsidiary), he revealed the science behind how experienced marketers are wired to miss the mark when it comes to customer communication because we have a blind spot — self-interest.

Blind spot

“The problem with our metrics is that we ask ‘how many?’ instead of ‘why so?’” McGlaughlin said.

Watch now to discover where your marketing blind spots are and how you can overcome them.

Learn how to become a better, more efficient digital marketer

Not all our most trafficked pages were free content. In fact, one of the most popular pages on our website explains our paid online certification course offerings.

Our online curriculum of certification courses is derived directly from more than 15 years of testing experience and marketing research.

Learn more about the available curriculum — value proposition development, landing page optimization, online testing and email messaging.

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