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Better Business Results From Deeper Customer Understanding

The MECLABS methodology combines behavioral psychology, neuroscience and philosophy of mind to build a model of how your customers think and make choices.

Learn how MECLABS Services can help you overcome your toughest marketing challenges.

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25 Years of Experience Helping Companies Radically Improve Marketing Performance

MECLABS Institute built the first internet-based research program. For 25 years, Research Partnerships with organizations like The New York Times, Amazon and Google in the United States as well as South Africa, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and Japan have helped set many of the industry standards in testing, optimization and digital marketing.

This research with real customers making actual purchase decisions informed a patented conversion-increasing methodology that provides deep insights into customer behavior.

Based on that methodology, MECLABS Services provide breakthrough customer insights and then applies these customer discoveries to your funnel to produce remarkable results. MECLABS helps companies get results (and overcome previous roadblocks to success) in three key areas:

  • Conversion-Centric Web/App Development
  • Value Proposition-Centric Product Development
  • Conversion Testing and Optimization

Learn about a methodology that has helped capture more than $500 million in test wins

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With the world's largest independent research program in the field, MECLABS Services are based on a library of knowledge that includes:

  • 20,000 experimental treatments
  • 500,000 executive interviews
  • 2,500 brand-side case studies
  • 37,000 benchmarked companies

We Can Help With

Conversion-Centric Web/App Design and Development Build an effective website

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Data Analysis
  • Wireframing and Designing
  • Tech Stack Integration
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Analytics Integration and Tracking Setup
  • Tech Stack Migration
  • Multi-Disciplined Development Team

Value Proposition-Centric Product Development Build an effective product

  • Pre-Launch Qualitative Research
  • Competitive and Market Analysis
  • Value Proposition Workshop
  • Go-To Market Strategy Planning
  • Beta Launch and Pre-Testing

Conversion Testing and Optimization Get results by continually improving your product and site

  • Analytics and Heuristics-based Conversion Analysis
  • Hypothesis Development
  • Treatment Wireframing
  • A/B, Variable Cluster, and Multivariate Testing
  • Certified Test Results and Analysis
  • Customer Insights Development
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