The MECLABS Seal signifies rigorous customer behavior research

Backed by more than 15 years of specialized research into how customers choose, the MECLABS Seal is an indication that an experiment, a test of a process or an entire team has met the highest standard of scientific inquiry.



The MECLABS Seal indicates that an experiment or a test of a process has undergone multiple validity checks by the MECLABS Data Sciences Group and is certified as an accurate representation of real-world customer behavior, or that a team frequently makes decisions based on these valid experiments to better serve customers.

These validity checks are crucial in understanding that the results from experiments have been conducted in a rigorous scientific fashion to ensure that the behavior in the experiments is an accurate representation of customer response. Without this certification, the changes in customer response could be caused by extraneous factors — for example, a biased sample of customers or a technical problem — instead of changes that were made to test the hypothesis.

Backed by experiments on more than 20,000 sales and marketing paths collected in the world’s largest library of test protocols in its field, key academic partnerships, and a team of PhDs and data science experts, the MECLABS Seal is a way we ensure that the results
from all certified experiments are accurate and reliable indications of customer behavior.


These are examples of the MECLABS Seal in use:



CONTROL: Promotional-style email

  • Uses popular design principles to create balance and a hierarchy on the page.
  • Heavy use of images and graphics to catch  the reader's attention.
  • Multiple call-to-action buttons for increased points of entry.

TREATMENT: Letter-style email

  • Designed to look and feel more like a personal letter.
  • Limited use of graphics and images.
  • One call-to-action button.


What You Need to Understand: By limiting the amount of graphics and focusing on engaging the customer in a conversation, the treatment outperformed the control by 181%.




CONTROL: Solution-first






TREATMENT: Problem-first



What You Need to Understand: By clarifying the problem before presenting the solution, the treatment generated a 36% higher purchase rate than the control.




CONTROL: Unresponsive Design

  • For most screen sizes, all primary content is accessible without action.
  • The primary content is framed within a faux pop-up style over a faded background.



Example1-Control \



TREATMENT: Responsive Design

  • Like the control, all primary content is accessible without action.
  • The faux pop-up frame, however, is completely eliminated. 




For information about how experiments are certified and validated, read about the MECLABS Methodology or register for the MECLABS Online Training Course



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