The MECLABS Guide for Optimizing Your Webpages and Better Serving Your Customers

20 years of research distilled into a repeatable methodology and approach to guide your marketing

It is an uphill climb to move prospects from channel marketing campaigns to converting on your site while also conveying the value of your product and company. Marketers are moving quickly to launch new campaigns, and that can often lead to disjointed messaging and a lack of clarity across the entire funnel and customer experience of your brand.

Three of MECLABS Institute’s 10 patented heuristics are examined in this step-by-step guide to assessing and improving your ads, emails and website funnels. Developed and tested through the MECLABS Research Partnership model, this repeatable methodology supports key customer discoveries and drives significant conversion rate increases for many emerging and Fortune 50 marketing teams.

This 22-page guide will not only give you the tactical tools and detailed examples to optimize your campaigns, but also provide a process and deeper way of thinking to support your experimentation and discovery of what truly works (and does not work) for your prospects.

You’ll get both deeper insights and tips for applying:

Ad Heuristic

  • Top three common mistakes marketers make with their ads
  • How to achieve qualified clicks and generate interest


Email Messaging Heuristic

  • Five ways to increase your emails’ perceived value
  • Examples of eliminating friction to increase qualified clicks


Conversion Sequence Heuristic

  • Five important questions to ask in order to understand motivation
  • A review across each element of the conversion heuristic


Optimization Process Overview

  • A detailed review of the five key steps to optimize campaigns


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