Landing Page Optimization: 57 guides, case studies, examples and experiments to help you increase conversion and sales

By Daniel Burstein

What is landing page optimization? If you haven't yet taken our free digital marketing course, here is a simple landing page optimization definition: The science of testing your landing page to determine which tweaks and changes are optimal for high conversions.

Landing page optimization, often abbreviated as LPO, can have an outsize impact on overall marketing campaigns and programs because the goal of many ad campaigns, emails, newspaper ads and the like isn’t necessarily a direct purchase, but rather, a visit to a landing page.

So if a marketer is successful in using landing page optimization to increase conversion on the landing page, not only does that landing page perform better, but the entire marketing campaign and all the investments made to launch it — from the media buy to the agency creative — get a better return on investment.

By running marketing experiments using A/B testing (testing a new landing page against the original), companies can isolate factors that increase conversion and identify changes that should be made to the landing page to drive significant conversion gains.


“The idea of landing pages started way back in late 2003 when the IT departments of Microsoft looked for a way to remedy poor online sales of their core product — Office,” Elena Dobre said on the Omnicovert blog, in a post referenced by Wikipedia.

MECLABS Institute and its publishing brands, MarketingSherpa and MarketingExperiments, have produced a significant amount of content about landing page optimization dating back almost since that early use of landing pages (here’s one of our first articles on the topic from July 15, 2004 — Landing Pages: How optimizing our test site's landing page increased sales revenue by 31.5%).

MECLABS also created a landing page conversion course for marketers and other business professionals. The Landing Page Optimization online certification course is a meta-theory of landing page optimization that has been proven to work in thousands of experiments.

Below you’ll find a categorized listing of content, to help you with your landing page optimization efforts.

The Justification for LPO

Landing Page Optimization Can Help Improve the Return on Your Media Spend

What Would A 1% Conversion Rate Improvement Mean to Your Marketing ROI?

Majority of Organizations Increasing Landing Page Optimization Budgets

The Fundamentals

6 Common Traits of A Template That Works

5 Factors That Lead To (And Prevent) Conversion

MECLABS Methodology

30-Minute Marketer: 13 tactics for customizing your page to appeal to your target visitors — a resource from MarketingSherpa featuring bite-size tips for busy marketers

LPO: 2 charts describing the best page elements to test and how to test them

Developing a Strategy for Landing Page Optimization: Build an LPO capability to measure and improve financial performance PDF — special report

Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report PDF — research and insights on maximizing the ROI of your website traffic

Conversion Rate Optimization: 9 tactics to ensure you are running valid tests — MarketingSherpa Quick Guide

MarketingSherpa Quick Guide to Website Optimization PDF — 7 tactics to use your value proposition to guide your strategy PDF

Website Optimization Benchmark Report PDF

Evaluating Website Optimization: How to outline the analytics tools and strategies that produce the most insights PDF — Special Report

Identifying Friction to Increase Conversion and Win A Nobel Prize

LPO: 3 keys to increasing conversion rates — webinar replay

Landing Page Optimization for Beginners

Landing Page Optimization: Crowdsource my baby — discussing terminology for LPO objectives

Marketing Research Chart: Top behavioral metrics for landing page optimization

Is It Actually Possible to Optimize A Landing Page?

Lead Generation

An Overview of How One Site Increased Leads By 155% — an experiment with a global social network for doctors

Optimizing Landing Pages: The four key tactics that drove a 189% lift — examples from an employee time clock software, custom headline feeds website, direct mail company and company profile website

Simple, Short Form Increases Leads 40% — experiment with accredited online university

Testing location-based pages increases conversion 88% — case study with a provider of serviced and virtual offices

How IBM Applied Homepage Redesign Learnings to Landing Page Testing — example from the world’s eighth-largest information technology company by revenue

Conversion Increased 37% By Reducing Copy — an experiment with a property disaster recovery business

How Businesses Achieve Breakthrough Conversion by Synchronizing Value Proposition and Page Design — examples with credit services, encyclopedia, debt consolidation and records search companies

Simple, value-infused page increases leads 8% in 24-hour test — an experiment with a business research company

3 Test Ideas from A WordPress Landing Page — an example of a wholesale lending company

262% Increase in Lead Rate — an experiment with a business VOIP provider

Value-Focused Revamp Leads to 188% Lead Gen Boost, Increase in Personal Interaction — an experiment with an Australian telecom company

5 Questions to Ask for A Quick Win — an experiment with a survey company

Optimize landing pages for lead quality

4 Test Ideas for A Free-Trial, Lead Gen Form Page — an example of a software company

3 Template Design Changes to Help You Serve Multiple Customer Types — examples from a foreign exchange trading education site, email marketing company, and online university

A/B Tests on Landing Pages, Email And Paid Search From Case Studies — experiments with a software company, B2B company providing media and travel security risk services, and a nonprofit

How A Navigation Test Increased Leads 34% — experiment with a tourism commission

Regions Bank Opts for The Information Underload Strategy

Customer Service Can Be a Treasure Trove of Ideas For CRO — an example from a graduate certificate program

Landing Page Optimization: — an example from a video streaming product


What A 29% Drop in Conversion Can Teach You About Friction — example with a newspaper subscription form

How The New York Times Generated A 1,052% Cumulative Conversion Gain

Does Your Product Page Have Buyability? — an experiment with an Italian e-commerce website that sells cosmetics

Simple Color Change Increases Conversion 10% — an experiment with a large sports entertainment provider

What A 4% Drop in Conversion Can Reveal About Offering Discounts — an experiment with a newspaper

LPO: Which ninja turtle is your page? — examples from a technology retailer, department store, computer technology company, grooming products company and on-demand print company

Finding Ideal Price Points — experiments with an online reference book publisher and a leading psychiatrist and author selling a book

Testing Green Marketing Increases Conversion 46% — an experiment with a furniture company selling mattresses

Increasing Conversion by 150% and Lead Gen by 2,379% with an Effective Call-to-Action — an experiment with a reference book publisher

Creating Effective Incentives — The Science of the Art — experiments with a computer products retailer, subscription-based website, and one of the world’s largest online news services

3 quick recommendations from the stage at Optimization Summit 2012 — an example from a vacation home rental site

Simple Pop-Up Overlay Increases Conversion 63% — an experiment with an educational site for health and fitness professionals

Multi-Product Page Increases Revenue 70% — an experiment with an independent vitamin manufacturer and distributor

LPO: Radical redesign leads to 3,566% increase in conversion — a case study with an ecommerce site aimed at seniors


Improving Conversion 50-60% by Applying Continuity and Congruence — experiments with a nonprofit organization and a national sex offenders registry

Addressing Customer Anxiety — Donation and free trial examples


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