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MECLABS Institute has a simple but not easy 6-word mission statement: To discover why people say “yes.” 

Why would someone say “yes” to one company over another? One product over another? One person over another?

We believe all of marketing, all of business, and even all of life comes down to this essential question. And for the past 20+ years we’ve been working and investing countless resources to answer that question.

The primary application of that research has been in digital marketing. It turns out, when you discover why your customers say “yes” to you or your competitors, you have the knowledge you need to generate results, and ultimately sustainable growth in any environment. It’s just easier to track in a digital one.

Now, we can’t give you the answer to why your particular customers say “yes” in an email newsletter, but what we can give you are the tools and resources you need to discover it on your own.

This newsletter is the one place you can get all of our research from all of our brands in one place. If you’re looking for surface-level content about on-page SEO, or the latest piece of shiny marketing technology, this isn’t the place for you.

But if you got into marketing because you’re interested in learning about human nature, about the connections that drive business and humanity forward, then you’re in the right place.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose this newsletter over any other newsletter in the industry:

“In my 3 departments, I am responsible for promoting our 10+ conferences annually, 3 magazines, several newsletters, video, an annual forecast, keeping our website fresh, book publication, and coordinating closely with our lobbying presence in Washington, D.C. Time is always squeezed. That’s why I love MECLABS email. I know from the subject line if I need to read it (I usually do), and I know the material is sourced from great research. MECLABS gives me the best chance to keep up with the best thinking in communications.” 

— Rich Jefferson 

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