How to launch a new product that makes people say, “I want this”

A product is not an end; it’s a means. The goal of a product is to serve a resulting customer experience, and the dimensions of that experience form the essence of the value that you create for a customer. No one should launch a product before asking this question: “If I am your ideal customer, why should I purchase this product rather than any other product in the market place?”

The point of marketing isn’t to make claims, but rather to foster conclusions.

— Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute


The MECLABS Institute test protocol database houses the results of 15 years of rigorous experimentation performed with our Research Partners. The category of testing with the highest rates of success and lowest levels of failure was value proposition. You can see a year in review of testing here.

If you are launching a new product this year, make sure you have carefully crafted, articulated and tested its value proposition prior to launch. 


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