A/B Testing Summit Keynote: A 4-step framework for designing winning hypotheses that generate marketing results

An executive comes to you and asks, "How can we get more conversions?" 

They want you to give them an action and use that action to find a solution. So you examine the data, which reveal customer behaviors.  But the behaviors are still an effect. What is the cause? You must determine what is occurring in the minds of the customers. Find out "why" people are behaving this way. And when you ask this question, you are forming a hypothesis. 

So how do you formulate hypotheses to ensure you are not focused on simply getting a lift but are capturing valuable discoveries about the customer's thought process? 

In Flint McGlaughlin's keynote session for the recent A/B Testing Summit, he shows a series of tests MECLABS performed for a client. Yet he doesn't focus on the treatment, "how" they got the lift. Instead, he explains the process used to get inside the mind of the customer to determine "why" they made certain decisions. Watch the video and learn a 4-step framework you can use to get inside the mind of your customer.

We get excited when we achieve a lift in our marketing efforts. However, the lift is just a result, the learning or discovery is the cause. Unless you determine why people are behaving a certain way, your data is useless.

Learn more about MECLABS Institute's research services and lead your team to breakthrough results by creating a model of your customer's mind.

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