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Increase Mobile Conversion Rates

These five micro classes (each under 12 minutes) apply 25 years of research to help you maximize the impact of your messages in a mobile environment.

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In 2002, the MECLABS conversion heuristic pioneered a new way to think about conversion in any environment. Since that time, it has been used across the globe in marketing organizations, universities, governments and non-profits to maximize marketing performance.

We combine behavioral psychology, neuroscience and philosophy of mind to build a model of how customers think and choose, and we leverage that to create paradigm-shifting results.

For the past five years, MECLABS Institute has been testing the methodology's application in a mobile environment. To that end, the research has achieved:

  • The funding and development of a mobile-focused customer experience laboratory on our campus
  • Hundreds of experiments with one of the largest wireless providers in the country
  • More than $500M in (carefully measured) test wins

In this short micro course, we'll distill the past five years and countless hours of research into the most important lessons we learned to help you drive results.

Flint McGlaughlin, the founder of MECLABS, personally teaches a concise series of lessons, each less than 12 minutes. As soon as you enter your information, you'll get access to the first day's class in our learning management system.

What You'll Learn In This Course

In the course, you'll learn:

  • How a large telecom company increased subscriptions in a mobile cart by 16%
  • How one company tapped the motivation of mobile-specific traffic for a 6% increase in revenue
  • How the same change in desktop and mobile environments had opposing effects on conversion
  • How anxiety on a mobile page hindered conversion by 17%
  • The 4 most important elements to consider when optimizing mobile messaging

What Others Have Said About Our Courses

"It was a great course, incredible amount of information. It will make me a much stronger marketer and an expert tester."

Steve Will, Cummins Allison Corporation

"I thought the course was great. They did a really good job of giving you enough detail for you to have some actionable take-homes, and then they paired that with a lot of case studies that drove home the ... tangible results to back up everything they suggested we act on."

Dannie Evans, Progressive Business Publications

"Gave me a lot of ideas ... The pace was great. It was very engaging and very educational for me. I really enjoyed it, and it was well worth it."

Lynn Zoiopoulos, Intel Corporation

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