Brand: The aggregate experience of the value proposition

A company’s brand outsells its competitors when consumers judge it to be the best value in the marketplace. However, choosing which qualities of a brand are most important to consumer perceptions of value can be challenging.

How do you identify which aspect of your product to emphasize? Which part of your offer motivates your customer the most? These questions get to the heart of marketing strategy. At the center of these questions is the value proposition — why would someone say yes to you rather than anyone else?

In this full, free session — Session 10 (Part 1) in MMC 5435 Messaging Strategy & the Centrality of the Value Proposition from the University of Florida/ MECLABS graduate certificate program in Communicating Value and Web Conversion, Flint McGlaughlin explains how to leverage a value proposition to create a brand experience that deeply resonates with the customer in such a way that it becomes a brand expectation.

A brand is not about the promise; it’s about the expectation. It’s a piece of real estate that exists in the mind of the person.

— Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute

Your company doesn’t own your brand. You customers do. A customer considers every touchpoint they experience with your organization and, in their mind, they form expectations of your brand. This is why value proposition is such an integral tool in branding — it forces you to take a customer-first approach and discover, rather than just dictate, your brand. 

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