Leverage a scientific approach to determine which technology solutions really work for your business

MECLABS Institute uses a rigorous methodological approach in the selection, implementation and integration of technology solutions.

Technology Group


The MECLABS Institute approach to technology focuses on improving the financial performance of the sales and marketing process. Our Technology Group can work alongside your existing IT staff. We can consult with your team to provide effective marketing solutions, we can provide direct technology support, we can train your team, or we can help install and host solutions within our own environment, ensuring that no large projects are crammed into your existing IT queue.

Partnering with our Technology Group represents a strategic advantage for your business. Rather than bringing in consultants to rescue a project that has gone awry, we can help you test the effectiveness of existing technology initiatives and quantify the potential benefit of new ones. At MECLABS, we don’t simply tell you how to improve the efficacy of your technology spend. We measure your current effectiveness, supply the infrastructure to test future initiatives and then deploy those solutions that close the gap between performance and potential.

Our research methodology allows us to make the most of any of the widely implemented testing and analytics solutions currently in use, whether independently owned, such as Google Analytics Content Experiments, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Oracle Eloqua, and or integrated within our own testing platform (MECData). Using these testing and analytics solutions, we conduct single-factorial (A/B), multi-factorial (multi-variable/MV) and sequential (if unavoidable) tests.

The Technology Group specializes in the following:

  • Testing — Testing is the cornerstone of everything we do, and we’ve been doing it longer than anyone else in the marketplace. We can help you choose the appropriate testing solution, install it on your servers or ours and manage the tool itself.
  • Analytics — Testing and analytics go hand-in-hand, and our experience ranges from custom analytics solutions to all third-party tools. We can ensure that your analytics are tracking your organization’s objectives and driving strategic decision making.
  • Application Development — Clients expect more than simple brochureware, and we can build the tools and features that they demand. We specialize in secure database-driven applications that integrate in real-time with your existing backend processes.
  • Vendor Selection — We can provide a proven methodology that will help you sort through a dizzying array of vendors offering a wide array of marketing services such as testing, analytics, email marketing, pay-per-click management, CRM, CMS and outsourcers.
  • Outsourcing Management — Whether your partners are located across town or across the globe, we have significant experience extracting value from outsourced relationships. We focus on quantifying the impact of outsourced vendors from project inception to completion.
  • Infrastructure Assessment — To understand which technology solutions really work for your business, we must first understand the technology environment (infrastructure) in which your business is currently operating. We can point out the strengths and weaknesses of your current infrastructure, the solutions which best map to that environment and the potential changes that will improve your strategic position for the future.
  • Project Management — Sales and marketing teams are typically forced to coordinate between numerous third-party technology providers. We can serve as the general contractor between these contacts, speaking their language, managing to milestones and deadlines and continually reporting on the progress of all outstanding projects.
  • Database Architecture — Poor database design can undermine the usefulness of any data stored during the lifetime of the application. We can ensure that databases are designed optimally for both performance and efficacy.


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