Website Optimization Webinar: See research conducted with over 900 consumers applied live to real-world digital marketing campaigns

“Consumers have been conditioned to expect a seamless digital experience.”

This was one of four key insights gained from surveying more than 900 U.S. consumers about their purchase decisions. In this video replay of the April 2016 MECLABS Live Optimization Webinar, a panel of MECLABS Institute optimization specialist apply these insights, as well as over 20 years of discoveries, to audience-submitted webpages.

You are focused on the wrong value proposition. You are not focused on what the customer is actually going to get. You are focused on you … and this is a fundamental problem with the page.'

— Austin McCraw, Senior Director, Content Production, MECLABS Institute

Designing a website is an art, making it generate results is the science. In order for us to most effectively engage with our prospective customers, we must understand them. We must bridge the gap between what we know about them and what we do not know about that. And the only way to bridge that gap is through strategic customer research and experimentation.

To this end, MECLABS has conducted consumer behavioral research for the past two decades, and more recently, the team led a specialized research project to understand why consumers subscribe to digital products. This research project included a thorough literature review on the subject, interviews with some of the top digital subscription organizations, and a consumer survey aimed at understanding why someone would choose one digital subscription over another.

From this research project, four key insights emerged:

  1. Digital subscriptions lack a perceived product-level value proposition. We must sell the value not just of our service, the platform as well.
  2. Consumers have been conditioned to expect a seamless digital experience. We must minimize any friction or barrier stand in the way of subscription.
  3. Exclusivity is the primary motivation for subscribers. We must make the customer think, “I can only get this from you.”
  4. Customers are waiting for you to ask them to engage. We must invite them to subscribe.

In this one-hour live optimization session, the MECLABS optimization specialists spent time taking these theoretical insights and applying them to real-world digital marketing campaigns. Watch and learn how to apply the findings of this recent research to your own campaigns.

To learn more about the digital subscription research project, visit MarketingExperiments, and watch the Web clinic replay, “Digital Subscriptions Boosted: Survey of 900 U.S. news consumers reveals key insights to increase your subscriber base.”


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