Site Banner Optimization Webinar: Get tips from B2B and B2C webpages submitted by Motorola, Rosetta Stone, and more

When customers visit a webpage, a banner at the top of the page is often the first thing to catch their eye. What first impression do those banner ads make on behalf of your company and products?

For ideas on improving the value communicated by your website banners, watch this video replay of the March 2016 MECLABS Optimization Webinar, where MECLABS Institute optimization specialists provided real-time feedback on audience-submitted webpages.

Make sure you become the stewards within your organization to ask the question every time when someone comes to you with a banner. … ‘Is this company logic, is it coming from us, is it in our interests? Or is it truly for the interest of the customer?'

— Winnifer Thomas-Cox, Senior Director, Partner Solutions, MECLABS Institute

Online consumers experience banners of all shapes and size all across the Web. This has led has led to “banner blindness.” Web users have learned to tune out ads on websites – and this effect can transfer over to your website banners, despite them not being your typical “banner ad.”

How do you gain their attention and then effectively communicate the critical information they need to make the micro-decision to continue reading? A bigger question might be does a banner even benefit your customers and website?

Testing allows marketers to answer these questions with confidence. 

To help you develop a testing plan for your website and banners, MECLABS optimization specialists used three key principles to inform the feedback they gave to the audiences-submitted webpages:

  1. Dedicated: The most effective banners are not focused on many things, but rather on “the one thing.” Generally, the more options, the more disorienting.
  2. Aligned: Effective banners do not focus on what we want from the customer, but rather what the customer wants from us. Site banners must be tightly aligned with the motivation of the user.
  3. Interactive: The most effective banners are not treated like an advertisement to absorb, but rather an invitation to engage.

To gain testing ideas for a variety of page types from the MECLABS optimization specialists, watch this replay of a one-hour live optimization session. Our experts provided feedback on the banners of six audience-submitted webpages, including:

  • Ecommerce landing page for Rosetta Stone
  • Product page for Motorola Solutions
  • Homepage for Medicare insurance company, Health Alliance Medicare

To learn more about optimizing website banners, visit MarketingExperiments, our online testing research publication, to watch the Web clinic replay of “Site Banners Tested: How minor changes led to a 433% increase in clickthrough for Humana.”


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