Value Proposition Optimization Webinar: 7 real-world B2B and B2C webpages analyzed to help you best message your “only factor”

Marketers have to consider many elements when crafting their value proposition, but perhaps the two most important are appeal and exclusivity. Providing clarity around these two elements allows customers to easily answer the question, “Why should I buy from you rather than from anyone else?”

For ideas on improving the appeal and exclusivity communicated in your marketing collateral, watch this video replay of the January 2016 MECLABS Live Optimization Webinar, where MECLABS Institute optimization specialists provided real-time feedback on audience-submitted webpages.

There are two elements that impact the force of a value proposition. There’s appeal, and there’s exclusivity. You have to have both.

Austin McCraw, Senior Director, Content Production, MECLABS Institute

A powerful and effective value proposition has two components: appeal and exclusivity. The appeal of your offer or services makes customers say, "I want this," and exclusivity means they can only get it from you.

Where these two components meet is your “only factor.” Marketers can improve their messaging efforts by communicating the “only factor,” or the value your company and product or service provides that customers can’t get elsewhere.

Highlighting this appealing and exclusive aspect of your offer in your value proposition and messaging illustrates why prospective customers should buy from you, rather than any of your competitors.

Watch this replay of a one-hour live optimization session to gain testing ideas for a variety of page types from feedback provided by the MECLABS optimization specialists on the copy, layout and elements of seven audience-submitted webpages, including:

  • Homepage for cloud management company, IMS Cloud
  • Lead generation page for FHA Mortgage Loans
  • Webinar registration page for app and responsive website testing platform company, Perfecto

To learn more about identifying our own “only factor” and download resources to help, visit MarketingExperiments, our online testing research publication, to watch the Web clinic replay of "Boost Your Online Ads: Strengthen your value proposition by focusing on your "Only Factor."


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