Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Testing

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You can possess the most expensive, advanced testing technology, but if you execute tests using questionable methodology and processes, at best waste time and resources. At worst, you could make misleading business decisions that cost millions.

Don’t let that happen. Take advantage of the free Testing Calculation and Strategy Toolkit, developed by the MECLABS Institute Data Sciences division. This toolkit will provide an outline of proven methodology and processes for the most productive, efficient and accurate marketing experiments.

The principles outlined in the toolkit are based upon the work of the MECLABS Institute. It has conducted the world’s most diligent, comprehensive and long-standing study of sales and cognitive decision-making processes, leveraging:

  • More than a quarter century of research
  • 20,000 sales path studied  
  • 1 billion email sends
  • A library of more than 1,500 validated marketing experiments

You have likely seen this knowledge published in case studies, benchmark reports, and training by the institute’s subsidiary organizations, MarketingSherpa and MarketingExperiments. It has also been published in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the Harvard Business Review, and Adweek.

Increase Marketing Testing ROI with These Free Tools

Set Your Tests Up for Success With the Strategic Test Planner and Testing Reference Brief

The free Testing Calculation and Strategy Toolkit provides fundamental tools and knowledge to ensure your tests are driving the highest return on marketing investment and achieving your objectives. Its proven scientific approach has recently helped three global organizations achieve gains of 330% in revenue, 202% in memberships, and 164% in conversions.

This Toolkit Includes:

The Strategic Testing Planner and Calculator

The Strategic Testing Planner and Calculator helps you save money and resources by ensuring your testing is perfectly planned. It’s critical to answer each question in this tool thoroughly and specifically; if you can’t, you need to revisit your strategy.

At minimum, the Strategic Testing Planner and Calculator will help:

  • Estimate test duration
  • Determine the level of confidence to ensure the most accurate tests
  • Project a minimum sample size

Marketers who have used this tool have benefited from a 15-minute introduction to it from a MECLABS data scientist. If you’re interested, check the box on the form below and we’ll be back in touch to schedule an appointment.

the summary tool captures everything from setting up your experiment hypothesis, validating the results, captured and keeping all test interpretations in one spot.

Start to Finish Testing Reference Brief

The Testing Reference Brief gives you critical start-to-finish basics for successful testing. It includes easy-to-follow articles from MarketingSherpa and MarketingExperiments.

The briefing will tell you:

  • What defines a good hypothesis and why it’s the most critical aspect of your testing strategy
  • Four key questions every marketer should ask their data analyst
  • Five steps to launching a test that gets the results you need
  • How to mitigate testing risk, interpret results correctly and more
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