Marketer Vs Machine: We need to train the marketer to train the machine


Note: We have closed out the last Cohort, but we have a new one beginning in January 2023.

This is not a FastClass. This is an urgent message. It’s a warning. It’s a discovery. The pace of innovation is accelerating so fast that it is hard for marketers to keep up.

To illustrate this point, MECLABS Institute recently ran an experiment pitting a human marketer against artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools in digital advertising.

It was akin to a famous chess battle. IBM’s Deep Blue chess-playing supercomputer originally lost to world champion Garry Kasparov in 1996. But after it was upgraded in 1997, the machine beat the man.

So, does AI and ML digital advertising technology only have the capacity of the original version of Deep Blue? Or is already able to perform like the upgraded version?

In other words, can the marketer outperform the machine? What happens when we put them head-to-head? What can the marketer do better than the machine? What can the machine do better than the marketer?

Watch our latest video as Flint McGlaughlin explains who won in our own competition and spurs your curiosity for this ever-more-important topic with six key observations. Plus, Flint reveals a new research program designed to help you solve this problem and get your funnel ready for what’s happening next.