MECLABS Best of 2018: Maximizing your marketing performance, mastering your value proposition and understanding your customer

By Quin McGlaughlin


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2018 has been a crazy year, yet now, amidst the end-of-year craze, is often a time of reflection for all of us to think about what we learned and what we want from the future.

For MECLABS, that means powerful marketing discoveries, lessons and concepts to help make your next year the best possible.

Below, you’ll find a handful of our most popular research and content from 2018 to help you maximize your marketing performance in 2019 — from countless case studies to interviews with innovative leaders, practical tools and previously unseen frameworks. 

We have much more in the making and want to thank you sincerely for following our research and being a part of our community this year.

Happy Holidays to all and cheers to your success! Now, on to the research:

Four Stages of a Customer Relationship


In this excerpt from our educational content, MECLABS Institute’s CEO and founder, Flint McGlaughlin, shares a simple but effective framework for progressing customers through four stages of increasing trust.

Each stage of the customer relationship is correlated to the Trust Trial, a never-before-taught model for understanding the unique variables that constitute trust itself. 

4-stages customer relationship



Landing Page Optimization: How Aetna's HealthSpire startup generated 638% more leads for its call center


HealthSpire had already been trying new strategies, but they hit a wall that ideas based on best-practices could not overcome. The only way through was a deeper understanding of their customer. Strategies based on best-practices might seem like perfect sense to a marketer but not to the customer.

Watch or read our full interview with HealthSpire’s General Manager, Denis Mrkva, to learn how rethinking the essence of their approach produced 638% more leads for their call center.

You’ll learn how long-copy value can outweigh friction, how humanizing the brand can add appeal and reduce anxiety, and how customer-first integrity wins trust.



Model Your Customer's Mind: 21 Charts and tools that captured over $500 million in sales


This powerful reference guide provides a grand overview of some of our most important tools and frameworks. In it you’ll find:

  • 3 vital conversion heuristics to help you understand variables that influence conversion
  • 9 rigorous case study examples
  • A four-part framework for constructing an effective value proposition
  • A simple tool that can help you maximize email results
  • A three-part formula for optimizing display ads
  • An overview of how we conduct research and generate results

This guide is filled with tools and insights from 25+ years of testing and optimization and over 20,000 experiments, brand-side case studies, executive interviews and benchmark studies.



Research-Based Lead Gen Swipe File: 22 valid marketing experiments to inspire your next A/B test


If you’re interested in generating more leads and conversions and want to see some practical examples, this is for you. We’ve compiled 22 rigorously validated case studies from our work that illustrate core marketing principles in action.

In this swipe file (which you can also download from the webpage), you’ll find examples ranging from call center script testing and lead generation forms to landing page, messaging and search ad optimization. 


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4 Steps to Creating a Compelling Value Proposition


Over 20+ years of testing and research have taught us that while there are other critical variables that influence conversion, none is more important or impactful than maximizing the force of your Value Proposition.

Our research has revealed key frameworks, principles and insights to discover, shape and develop your value proposition into its most effective articulation. Watch Flint McGlaughlin discuss four keys that you need to understand to create a value proposition that converts.

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Why a Customer-First Culture is Essential for Your Business: Interview with executive chairman of an award-winning financial services firm


“Customer-first,” like many great ideas, has lost meaning as it becomes a buzzword detached from the reality of the customer experience. Yet, customer-first is what works and is critical to long-term success.

Flint McGlaughlin interviews Ian Dighe, Executive Chairman, Miton Group, an asset management firm, where he doubled profits through enacting and enforcing customer-first principles.

Here are a few of the ideas discussed:

  • The importance of getting past self-interest
  • Help in getting past financially difficult times
  • Why you should empower your employees to grow your business
  • How to measure your company's success



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