Lead Qualification: How demographics, content and behavior helped Adobe boost conversions 500%

Watch a video replay from Lead Gen Summit 2013 to learn how the team at Adobe adjusted its content approach to provide potential customers valuable content rather than launching a generic sales pitch.

We really felt like we had to add value first for our target audience before we should ask them to take a look at our product, and that is where you see a lot of our promotion going into.

— Shelby Britton, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Systems

When Adobe's email leads were not producing as many sales as the company hoped, Shelby Britton, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Systems, and her team decided to alter Adobe's sales funnel.

The team changed the overall strategy for webinar content, invites, landing pages and the follow-up process. This experimentation taught the team that, by starting a "solutions" webinar rather than a "product" webinar, their prospects gained more value.

This switch resulted in a 75% increase in open rate, a 120% increase in clickthrough for emails and as much as a 500% improvement in conversion. 

Watch the full session to learn how to customize your sales funnel and better engage potential customers.

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