Anatomy of a Business Transformation: A practitioner’s perspective about how The Boston Globe’s culture of testing spread to the newsroom for 100% lifts in clickthrough

In this interview, Meredith Kokos, Team Lead for Digital Analytics, Insight & Optimization, The Boston Globe, shares her experiences from establishing a testing program that has transformed how the company serves customers, from how marketing sells the newspaper to how editorial writes story headlines.

In the staff meetings, people were clapping when they saw the results. It’s that sort of energy that has been critical to showing that we’re doing everything we can to challenge the status quo.

—  Meredith Kokos, Team Lead for Digital Analytics, Insight & Optimization

Kokos has seen how testing can transform the culture of an organization. Once they overcame initial developmental challenges, she and her team realized how testing could help transform the business thanks to continually impressive results from headline tests, such as a 117% lift in clickthrough with “Oh yes: Time for the Sox.” In fact, as the wins came in, Kokos said the belief in the power of testing became “contagious.”

Testing at The Globe is not restricted to a Marketing vacuum. Testing has spread throughout the organization, even to the newsroom, where writers can test and validate headline tests in as little as five minutes.

Watch the full video interview for Kokos’ insights that you can apply to your business, including:

  • Why you should retest areas to optimize for evolving customer bases
  • Using meetings to present results to gain further buy-in
  • The results from putting testing tools in the hands of departments beyond Marketing


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