Anatomy of a Business Transformation: An executive look at how The Boston Globe drove $3 million in incremental revenue in just one year

In the struggling newspaper industry, The Boston Globe had to make a change to stay viable in the marketplace. In this video interview, Peter Doucette, Vice President, Consumer Sales and Marketing, The Boston Globe, explains how he and his team used online testing to transform how they thought about and served customers. Doucette’s story can serve as inspiration for other business leaders in how to help your team explore new paths to success.

Think about the people who can set the course, change the mindset. … Reward that behavior. That has been a big part of how we’ve been able to really change our trajectory and really change the culture.

— Peter Doucette, Vice President, Consumer Sales and Marketing

In his interview with Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS Institute, Doucette describes the importance of experimentation. From determining the value proposition that appeals to customers, to determining optimal pricing, the team used experimentation to determine how to best serve their audience.

By creating a culture of testing, both inside and outside the marketing department, The Globe has driven $3 million in incremental revenue in just one year.


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