Value Proposition: The driving force behind successful campaigns

MECLABS Institute CEO, Flint McGlaughlin, often says, "The strength of the marketer’s message is grounded in a single word — 'because.'"

Plenty of companies have catchy slogans, write compelling headlines and perfectly crafted emails, and fashion well-designed landing pages — but if they fail to express why someone should buy from their companies rather than a competitor, it all goes to waste.  Failure to explain why, failure to give that “because” answer leaves countless conversions on the table.

This explanation is your value proposition. It is the ultimate reason why someone should choose your company, your product or your service. In this video, Flint McGlaughlin explains why the Value Proposition is the single fundamental element driving successful marketing campaigns.

What drives marketing, essentially, is not the channel, but the message; the essence of marketing is the message, and the essence of the message is the value proposition.

— Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute

While the value proposition is the fundamental element powering successful campaigns, it is often neglected by marketers; it is where we take shortcuts. But, until you can articulate a value proposition and give prospects an ultimate reason to choose you, you are not being as effective (and profitable) as you can be.

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