Learn how to become a better, more efficient digital marketer

MECLABS Training Programs provide a distinct advantage over traditional sales-and-marketing educational content. We have developed an online curriculum of certification courses derived directly from 15 years of testing experience and marketing research. The real-world lessons gleaned from this rigorous process have built quantifiable, repeatable methodologies.

Our courses provide in-depth training on topics specifically relevant for today's digital marketer and are designed to help improve your marketing performance.


Get Certified in Value Proposition Development

Learn how to identify value – and utilize it in an optimized value prop – based on proven research and discoveries from the MECLABS Institute team.

Get Certified in Email Messaging

Learn to test and optimize your email campaigns with real case studies and proven techniques.

Get Certified in the Fundamentals of Online Testing

Learn methodologies for testing which version of a landing page leads to the greatest improvement in conversion.

Get Certified in Landing Page Optimization

Learn to improve page efficiency for converting a higher percentage of landing page visitors to sales leads.



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Our courses transform the careers of our students every day. Below are some stories from a handful of our latest students:

“It was a great course, incredible amount of information. It will make me a much stronger marketer and an expert tester.”

Steve Will

“I thought the course was great. They did a really good job of giving you enough detail for you to have some actionable take-homes, and then they paired that with a lot of case studies that drove home the points…tangible results to back up everything they suggested we act on.”

Dannie Evans

“Gave me a lot of ideas…The pace was great. It was very engaging and very educational for me. I really enjoyed it, and it was well worth it.”

Lynn Zoiopoulos


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All of our training courses are:

Watch, pause, fast-forward or replay course sessions
Available 24 hours a day
Access your course any time once you're enrolled
Filled with case studies
Learn from both B2B and B2C companies
Based on 15 years of testing and research
Utilize proven methodologies for optimizing performance
Preparing you for a professional marketing certification
Start improving your marketing career today