The Call-To-Action: Should it be placed above or below the fold on a webpage?

Most of us have probably stumbled upon annoying websites that have large, bright words BUY NOW! emblazoned across the screen before we even know what the business is selling.

Although that is a rather extreme example of a misplaced call-to-action on a webpage, marketers are making the same mistake every day with CTAs — and leaking revenue. 

It's usually a little subtler. At first glance, the page looks like a winner. It has appealing graphics and colors, even the headline is catchy. And there's a neat little call-to-action button off to the side and above the fold — just as it should be, according to our Marketing 101 training.

The problem arises when we focus so much on optimizing a webpage that we forget to optimize the customer's thought sequence. In other words, content should be placed in the clearest sequence for a prospect's thought process, providing enough information before making the "ask" so they can make an informed decision. 

In the following two-minute video, Austin McCraw, Senior Director of Partnerships, MECLABS Institute, shares an example of a misplaced call-to-action and answers the question, "Should the CTA be placed above or below the fold on a webpage?"


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