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MECLABS Institute partners with top and emerging companies to discover what really works in marketing.
Since its inception, MECLABS has tested:

  • More than 5 million calls
  • More than 20,000 paths
  • Across 1 billion email sends

Marketing Analytics Specialist


Every person who has a job in every company owes it to the customer – the only reason they have that job is because the customer perceived enough value from that company to make a purchase. This is why marketers who possess deep customer understanding are so vital. Make no mistake, when we use words like “data” or “analytics” we are only talking about a means to an end. What we are really looking for is someone with the passion, curiosity and commitment to use technology, information and math to better understand other people so those people can be well served by companies.

About the Organization – MECLABS Institute

What’s unique about working at MECLABS isn’t the work itself that we’re asking you to do – it’s the people and our history.

Your future co-workers

The team at MECLABS was assembled based on four factors:

The history of MECLABS

MECLABS helped pioneer the conversion optimization field in the marketing industry – launching the first certification program in this field, running thousands of experiments with real customers in real decision-making situations, creating a patented heuristics-based approach to marketing, and training the data scientists at major brands like Expedia.

Our desire is not to be the biggest organization in this field, but to do the smartest, most effective, most-high impact work. Our unmatched history combined with our customer-first philosophy produces the essence of our value proposition. Here is some more information about MECLABS:

The history of the MECLABS Institute

About MECLABS’ patented heuristics

The MECLABS methodology

About The Role – Marketing Analytics Specialist

We are looking for a Marketing Analytics Specialist who will provide both strategic and day-to-day marketing analytics support to MECLABS’ testing and optimization clients. The insights you deliver will serve to inform significant website conversion optimization opportunities for MECLABS’ clients, and then validate their success via A/B, multivariate, and sequential testing. This person will interface primarily with MECLABS’ team internally but may also join and participate on client calls and presentations. The position is flexible with both part-time and full-time opportunities. For a quick look at what it’s like to be a data analyst, you can read Marketing Analytics: 4 tips for productive conversations with your data analyst.



MECLABS offers:

How to apply

The position is available immediately. We will send a response to every person who applies.
To apply, send your resume and cover letter to careers@meclabs.com.

Equal Opportunity Employer