MECLABS Resources for NIO Summit Attendees

Meclabs Institute, MarketingSherpa, and MarketingExperiments

Improve your campaign results shifting how you serve your donors

Download resources specifically selected to help NIO Summit attendees strengthen their donation value proposition. You'll get instant access to the tools and content that Austin McCraw referenced in his NIO Summit keynote session.

Complete keynote presentation slides of "Designing a Value Proposition to Attract New Donors: 20 years of behavioral research distilled into 4 essential principles" by Austin McCraw

  • 5 case studies
  • 4 conclusions of an effective value proposition

MECLABS Institute Guide to Optimization

  • A 22-page PDF including an in-depth look at three of 10 MECLABS conversion heuristics
  • Tactical tools and detailed examples to optimize your campaigns

Value Proposition Reference Card

  • Value proposition heuristic and clarifier
  • Exchange sum fulcrum to help you balance perceived cost and perceived value of every offer and exchange you're providing your customer

Meclabs Institute, MarketingSherpa, and MarketingExperiments



Three Ways Marketers Engage with MECLABS

To help the marketer discover why customers say “yes,” we offer a wide array of resources, tools and services all focused on enabling marketers to achieve their sales and marketing goals. These resources include free access to our curated library of 20,000+ experiments and case studies, certification training and Research Partnerships that involve working alongside the MECLABS scientists. Learn more about each of these resources below. 

1. Research Library

Search our library of 20,000+ experiments and case studies and see how our methodology has improved results.

2. Education

Join over 4,000 marketers who have earned professional certification through MECLABS Institute certification courses. The four online training programs provide in-depth training on topics the day-to-day marketer struggles with on a daily basis.

3. Research Partnerships

MECLABS scientists work alongside Research Partners to make new discoveries and drive significant increases across your funnel.