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Boost your Conversion Rate with a MECLABS Quick Win Intensive

MECLABS Institute can help you ramp up your conversion rate with the largest library of conversion experiments in the world ($138 million invested to test more than 20,000 treatments).

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Get MECLABS scientists to help you find the fastest way to drive a major revenue increase.

With the Quick Win Intensive, you will discover the shortest path to results

1. The data scientists at MECLABS will help you visualize your funnel while searching for key behavioral patterns that yield conversion opportunities.

2. Then they will study the customer psychology of your offer. You will get two types of actionable insights: "Fix-Now(s)" and "Test-Now(s)."

3. And they will score and critique the force of your value proposition.

You can use this intensive in a way that is ultimately even more valuable than the short-term financial results; use it to learn how to consistently improve your conversion performance.

MECLABS is in a unique position to help you improve conversion

Download 21 concepts and tools based on $138 million in research

There's a lot of exaggeration on the internet. Numbers can feel meaningless. However, that $138 million investment is accurate and verifiable. So are the following FAST FACTS about the MECLABS Institute:

    • Built the first and now oldest conversion marketing research program in the world
    • Pioneered the conversion industry, established its concepts and principles, and launched the first certified courses in the field
    • Invested two decades and $138 million trying to understand the fundamental unit of conversion: a “yes”
    • Trained thousands of students globally in the rigorous science of conversion marketing
    • Defined the primary standards for scientific testing in conversion marketing, teaching at Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Harvard, CambridgeOxford and many others
    • Tested over 20,000 marketing hypotheses (treatments) — building the largest library of valid marketing experiments in the world
    • Conducted field research with hundreds of the top brands in the world, including Verizon, Amazon, The New York Times and many more
    • Continues to push the frontier of conversion marketing, experimenting with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and mixed reality
    • Patented the world’s most widely used and well-known conversion heuristic: C=4m+3v+2(i-f)-2a


About Quick Win Intensives

  • Designed for lead gen, ecommerce or subscription paths
  • No long-term commitment required
  • Creates quick fixes to drive immediate results
  • Provides strong testing ideas for long-term success
  • Works for small and large organizations

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