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Special Offer: Email Summit 2012 DVD Combo

MarketingSherpa 2012 Email Summit DVD

Hands-on training from the greatest minds in email marketing

The Email Summit 2012 DVD includes:

  • 7 hours of conference footage
  • 3 keynote sessions on: crafting effective email messages, converting email prospects and social media marketing
  • 5 Tactical training sessions on: automation, copywriting, optimizations, mobile and innovation

More than seven hours of footage from the three keynote speakers and five training sessions at Email Summit 2012:

Email Summit 2012 – Official DVD (3-Disc Set)

  • Keynote #1 – Crafting Effective Email Messages: How a recent experiment helped MECLABS researchers achieve a 104% increase in email response
    • In this session, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin addressed the common challenges created by the psychology of today's postmodern consumer. He walked the audience through a recent experiment in which one company was able to overcome these obstacles and generate a 104% increase in email clickthrough.
  • Keynote #2 – The End of Business as Usual: How to integrate social media marketing with email to engage a new generation of connected customers
    • Brian Solis, author of the new book The End of Business as Usual, explained how the coalescence of mobile, social and email marketing help businesses engage effectively with a new generation of connected customers.
  • Keynote #3 – Content Marketing: How to use content-rich emails to prime your prospects to buy
    • Marcus Sheridan's session focused on how marketers can use blogs and FAQs to create content that shortens the sales cycle and boosts revenue. He explained how to push customers through the funnel, from lead or captured email address to a customer, by using email as "assignment selling" campaigns.
  • Five Tactical Training Sessions
    • Personal vs. Robotic: How to turn automated email into personal experiences that drive new and repeat sales, taught by Jermaine Griggs
    • Three Steps to Converting More Email Prospects to Customers and Client, taught by Brian Clark and Sonia Simone
    • Optimizing the Evolving Landscape of Mobile Email Marketing: How the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club enhanced the effectiveness of mobile email marketing campaigns, taught by Adam Corzo and Pamela Markey
    • Mobile Marketing Panel: Integrating mobile campaigns for the complex sale, taught by Meghan Lockwood, Josh Herman and Kate Williams
    • In the Year 2013: Innovation panel explores the email marketing technologies and tactics of the near future, taught by Joshua Baer, Loren McDonald, Miriam Geller, Uwe-Michael Sinn and Daniel Burstein