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At MarketingSherpa Summit 2016, attendees will hear from brand-side marketers, high-profile featured speakers and industry professionals to learn how to improve the effectiveness of their marketing programs.

Technology is a key factor in the effectiveness of these campaigns, which is why we’re excited to gather some of the top players in the digital marketing industry in Las Vegas to share their marketing solutions with the MarketingSherpa audience.

In our "Inside the Industry" series, we'll speak with industry professionals representing some of these vendors and get a behind-the-scenes look at the technology you can expect to learn more about at #SHERPA16.

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MarketingSherpa: Describe any digital marketing challenges and/or opportunities that you’ve personally experienced in the past year.

Bob Frady, Maropost: The movement of data into and out of digital marketing platforms has always been a huge thorn in the side of many marketers. It’s way more painful than it needs to be. At Maropost, we’ve [made] huge strides this year in helping our clients work with their back-end data. We’ve taken that data challenge head on by applying our marketing automation routines to the world of data. Now, the marketer – rather than the IT team – can set up automated routines to bring data into and take data out of their Maropost digital marketing platform. It’s been very exciting.

MarketingSherpa: What has been your most valuable asset in digital marketing?

Bob Frady, Maropost: At the end of the day, success in digital marketing comes down to two things – content and timing. Do we have the content people are interested in and is it there when they are looking for it? And, of those two, content is far, far more powerful in driving engagement. In fact, people will take the time to seek out the content they’re looking for – we just have to make sure they can find it. So, for Maropost, content has been far and away our most valuable asset in digital marketing.

MarketingSherpa: How can marketers use digital to be customer-centric?

Bob Frady, Maropost: The great thing about digital is that customers – whether B2B or B2C – give you incredible clues about exactly what they are interested in. With digital, it is easier than ever to make use of that data and turn it into highly personalized communications. In the event [that] you don’t have a lot of data on a person, digital gives you fantastic flexibility in discovery – you can put content out and see exactly who is interested. All of the things direct mailers used to dream about have come true with digital. As customers travel across marketing channels, we provide the platform so people can create a consistent and relevant experience across each of those channels.

 MarketingSherpa: What was your big picture takeaway from digital marketing this year?

Bob Frady, Maropost: The big picture takeaway is that companies are finally starting to look at the entire customer experience, rather than focusing on internal divisions based around channel. As a result, the interest in Maropost – with our ability to span marketing channels – has skyrocketed. We’re still at the beginning of the process but have seen incredible movement in 2015 – a trend we expect will continue in 2016.

MarketingSherpa: What are some tactics you are or will be implementing in your digital marketing in the future?

Bob Frady, Maropost: We’re huge believers in testing. So we’ll try any number of tactics. Automation, social media outreach, public relations and search are all tools we’ll use. But the one big focus on 2016 will be creating content that our customers and prospects find both interesting and valuable.

MarketingSherpa: What are some trends that you see coming up in digital marketing?

Bob Frady, Maropost: I think that there are two major shifts we see coming. The first is that companies are more focused than ever on breaking down their internal silos around marketing channels. Customers behave the way they behave – they’re not concerned about your internal squabbles about channel A versus channel B. Smart organizations will continue to tear down these internal walls and work together to create smart and focused consumer communications. The second major shift is the massive movement of brand dollars into digital. Brand dollars are different – less concerned about metrics-driven assessment and more concerned about delivering fantastic brand experiences. It will mean massive, yet ultimately very positive, changes for both the digital and brand marketing landscapes.

Maropost is the Titanium Sponsor of MarketingSherpa Summit 2016. To learn more about their solution, visit their website or stop by Booth #304 in the Solutions District at #SHERPA16.




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