Advice for Marketers Not Seeing Conversion Rate Increases

MECLABS Institute has been focused on testing and optimization since the earliest days of the internet — a time when budgets for such things were nonexistent. Now, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the buzziest concepts in marketing. And while many companies are now shelling out countless dollars for innovative testing programs, they still aren’t seeing the conversion lifts they want (and their bosses demand).

In this video, Flint McGlaughlin sheds light on why marketers are still missing the mark (and their numbers) despite their quality data, proper analytics program and well-designed tests. He provides a strategy for maximizing the value of a testing program through taking a radical new approach to testing that’s based on more than 20 years of research.

We're afraid of radical. We're afraid because we think that the goal of a test is to get a lift, but that's not true. The goal of a good test is to get a learning.

— Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute

If you want to learn more about this testing strategy or if you want to start transforming your own testing program with these methods, two resources to leverage are our online courses and our Research Partnership program. 

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